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After many years of working on the most efficient ways to store, access and use digital assets, CloudVue finally has a define product for offer. The Digital Asset Management Solution is aimed towards any business that deals with a lot of files or file types and wants to move to the digital sphere of business. Or any business with significant digital assets that they manage regularly.

The solution provides strong search capabilities through tagging and SEO. Auditing functions map what happens through the system every time an action occurs. External sharing allows for collaboration on the go. CloudVue’s DAM adds version control and management of all file types includes documents, videos, pictures, spreadsheets, powerpoints, audio files and more. Templating allows for powerful control and optimisation of common business cases. Finally The solutions accessibility across multipel devices allows for your business to flourish anywhere, anytime.

Central Data Networks has spent a great deal of time and effort to create an efficient platform that can handle any business needs, and we are proud to announce the launch of our DAM product.

By George Bozinovski