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cloudvue-app-icon-iaasC05PTa GOVDC Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

CDN’s Infrastructure as a Service packages allow the flexibility of keeping your data centre outsourced and up to date with all the latest hardware without the expense of owning your own equipment and being responsible for housing, running and the maintenance of it.

The IaaS is the Physical composition of the data centre structure. It comprises of the Hardware footprint which acts as the foundation to house the PaaS (Platform) & SaaS (Software or Applications), and generally includes the following components:

  • The Physical servers (Hardware) in a Rack formation with multiple CPU, disks, ram, etc.
  • The storage or RAID that are attached to the servers and provides Terabytes of disk space that are fully scalable.
  • Networks – Fibre & UTP to connect the servers, Storage devices and the outside world (Users)
  • Firewalls – Routers and switch hubs to segregate the networks and control user access. Creates VLAN & VDOM’s with WAN access via VPN, DMZ, IPSEC, etc.
  • 19” Racks, Rack accessories, UPS, A/C, power, cabling, etc. are included with CDN’s IaaS pricing.
  • Regular management and KPI reports in compliance to our latest Q/A standards.

The IaaS service is sold with an upfront fee and monthly or annual payments that includes ongoing maintenance, expansion and 24/7 support.

Note that If a customer purchases the SaaS products like CloudVue or CRD, then the PaaS & IaaS are included in the costs.

C05PTs Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

It’s basically the same C05PTa product offered above, except it includes all infrastructure items in the government marketplace that uses ‘as a service’ delivery model against the relevant NSW Government standard . This includes servers (virtual or dedicated), storage systems, appliances and telecommunications, ancillary equipment, peripherals and the hosting of this equipment.