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Our advanced product is a simple-to-use centralised archival system that opens a pathway for businesses to store, access and safely keep files. We provide the flexibility of keeping a data-centre outsourced, while using the most up-to-date software and hardware. All this can be achieved without the expense of owning your own equipment!


CloudVue’s in depth permissions system enables complex security access and multiple workflows across the platform. Confidential information is held securely and the ownership of your data is retained.


CloudVue’s workflow features are flexible and powerful, allowing for customization of files, questionnaires and folder structures with a simple click.


CloudVue’s management features provide solutions that promote efficiency in the workplace. These include storage and version control for any file type, external sharing and internal SEO capabilities.

Data solutions custom built for your industry


Version Controls

Manage and control the version of any file type, ensuring no duplicates of data or loss of original versions


CloudVue's in depth permissions system allows for complex security and access arrangements. Furthermore ownership of the data held on a CloudVue system remains with the users


CloudVue is able to share file and folder structure links externally and incorporates email addresses into user accounts


CloudVue Solutions integrate search engine optimisation into the platform with the use of tags. This allows for the adding and searching of descriptive factors

Workflow & Optimisation

The Client Portal function is focused on optimising workflows for incoming users, with custom forms, permissions & templates designed for your business operations

Client & Customer Focus

CloudVue's portals are designed to fit the needs of expanding client bases. The robust digital infrastructure allows for easy collaboration, file and information sharing

White Labelling & Customisation

CloudVue is able to be customised for your business branding, logo and other visual designs

News & Custom Pages

Keep your clients up to date with news articles internally from your CloudVue platform. You can also utilise custom pages to create and illustrate informative guides, research and more

"CloudVue has enabled my organisation to share data internally in a more efficient, centralized manner. We typically use a range of software in our business operations, and CloudVue has helped link these 'Data Silos' together!"
Doug Martin
Ticket Serv CTO


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