Advanced Searching

CloudVue Solutions integrate search engine optimisation into the platform with the use of tags. This allows for the adding and searching of descriptive factors, apart from the file’s name.

Contract Management

CloudVue offers advanced privacy, versioning and sharing functions that can be reliably used to share, amend and collate legal documents.

CloudVue’s Digital Asset Management Solution is very effective at managing large volumes of data. The platform’s version control features help to prevent duplication of data as well as preventing information from being changed. The powerful auditing functions allow for each action to be seen and traced back from within the solution. 

Furthermore, the solutions SEO functions through tagging provide a quick an effective way to access specific data within large volumes. CloudVue’s data practices maintain customer ownership and security, meaning your business can flourish without undue influence.

Industries that can benefit from CloudVue solutions include

The range of applications for CloudVue in the mining industry is vast. Contract management, version control over technical documents, and accurate permissions over sensitive documents are just the tip of the iceberg. 

CloudVue can assist businesses in the construction industry but providing templates for personnel for safety checklists, time sheets, management procedures and project planning documents. 

The applications of CloudVue in the agiculture industry are un-tapped, and we recognise that development of agriculture products requires intensive data collection. Ensure your data is not compromised, and streamline your report-writing processes with CloudVue.