Simple Pricing for a Sophisticated Product and Sublime Service. Significant.



down from $6700
Tutorial Package

Hit The Ground Running!

Get the first year of your DAM, with a year of support and a 5 hour onsite training session for over 25% off!


down from $5500
Guidance Package

Leave No Question Unanswered!

Get up to 10 hours of customization on your site as well as a year of support at 20% off!


Get Organised
  • With 250GB Storage Included
Get Connected
  • With 1TB Storage Included
Go Bigger
  • Inquire Today


Onsite Training
Improve your Abilities
From $250/hour
  • Any Location in Australia or New Zealand
  • Staff Travel and Accommodation Charges Apply
  • Costs include training material to be supplied to Trainees
  • Includes up to 6 Users
Build your Dream
From $250/hour
  • Includes Template Building, Structure Building, White Labeling, User/Group Creation and Settings Configuration
  • Does Not include Integration or Software Changes
  • All white labeling material must be supplied to specification
Get some help
From $250/month
  • 48hr Return Business Hours Support
  • 4hrs Included per month
  • $75/hour for additional support
  • Enterprise Support Packages also Available

Terms and Conditions

  • CDN or associates do not take any responsibility over the integrity of data under user control. If something is changed or deleted by a rouge user, this is the customers issue.
  •  CDN will report any Notifiable Data Breaches to affected users and the ASD.
  •  All users will follow Australian Data Security Laws.
  •  CDN has the right to remove users with malicious or devious intent.