Digital Asset Management

CloudVue’s D.A.M is a simple-to-use centralised archival system that opens a pathway for businesses to store, access and safely keep files.


CloudVue is able to share file and folder structure links externally and incorporates email addresses into the user accounts. Furthermore it is accessible from any dvice, PC, mobile or tablet.


CloudVue Solutions integrate search engine optimisation into the platform with the use of tags. This allows for the adding and searching of decriptive factors.


CloudVue's D.A.M Solution is capable of managing and controlling the version of any file type.


CloudVue's in depth permissions system allows for complex security and access arrangements. Furthermore, ownership of the data held of a CludVue system remains with the users.

Organise your meeting in one central place; store all of your notes and files, record your minutes, collate any external links and keep everyone informed, all from one place!

Keep your project on track and keep your team on task; manage each aspect of a project in parallel all from a central location, and store all of your data in one place.

Control your procurement processes with efficiency, with a single place for all your documentation, you’ll have no issue of duplication; whether you’re the tenderees or the tenderers.

Solutions for Industry

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