Client Portal

CloudVue Client portals are for organisations that truly care about their clients and customers.  Share files of all formats through efficient template-based interactions.  Hold all communications and confidential documentation securely for revision and record keeping.

Workflow & Optimisation

CloudVue Cient Portals are focused on optimising workflows for incoming users. The templating functions allows files, folder structures, questionnaires and more to be assigned to new users and applied with a simple click.

Client Focus

CloudVue Portals are designed to fit the needs of expanding client bases. The robust digital infrastructure allows for easy collaboration, file and information sharing.


Client portals are able to be customised visually with your businesses logo, or other designs. Give your portal the visual feed you desire with the powerful capabilities of CloudVue.

News & Custom Pages

Keep your clients up to date with news articles internally from your CloudVue Platform. You can also utilise custom pages to create and illustrate informative guides, research and more.

Keep your all of your Client Data digitally organised while maintaining its confidentiality and integrity; all filed away in one location for access at any time.

Bring Internal and External groups into one space for seamless collaboration on projects of any kind, while keeping your corporate data siloed away from inquisitive eyes.

Solutions for Industry

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