Version Control

CloudVue’s D.A.M. Solution is capable of managing and controlling the version of any file type.


CloudVue’s in depth permissions system allows for complex security and access arrangements. Furthermore ownership of the data held on a CloudVue system remains with the users.

Institutions are able to benefit from either solution.

Digital asset management provides secure data management, preventing duplication and undue changes with the version control and auditing features. Custom pages, news and more allow for user engagement and information to be easily shared.

Portals are also a great platform for institutions with large client bases they wish to service. With a focus on reliable infrastructure and allowing for customisation to fit any institution’s needs, it provides a robust solution for any needs related to data management, communication or collaboration.

Institutions that can benefit from CloudVue solutions include;

CloudVue solutions can be great for implementing management for contract amendments, conveyancing and client communications.

CloudVue solutions can be tailored for precise management of tax, timesheets, and a range of other time-consuming functions

CloudVue can easily be implemented into your clinical practice, providing transparent data management of client files, medical imagery, and health records