CloudVue’s workflow features are flexible and powerful, allowing for customization of files, questionnaires and folder structures with a simple click via Templating. The system is fully audited, giving administrators exactly what they need to optimize a business’s activities.

Client Portal

CloudVue Portals are designed to fit the needs of expanding client bases. The robust digital infrastructure allows for easy collaboration, file and information sharing.

Any service industry can benefit from either the DAM or Portal Solutions.

The Digital Asset Management Platform allows businesses to centralise their practices, files and more, in one easy to reach online location. 

CloudVue’s Portal Solutions offer businesses with large client volumes an efficient approach to collaboration and business practices, e.g. Law Firms, Accounting Firms and Physiotherapy Clinics. Templating, auditing, version control and email sharing provide a streamlined approach to maintaining contact and operating effectively with your clients.

Service industries that can benefit from CloudVue solutions include

CloudVue can be used for communications between club members, players and supporters by implementing permissions to specific what information is shared with each stakeholder. 

Training providers can benefit from CloudVue via the use of the platforms e-learning capabilities. You can have a completely customized user interface for clients/ or staff to log-in and complete training and inductions.

CloudVues’ versioning control ensures your team is always working on the most up-to-date version of your files. The sharing features allow your data to be accessible in the field, lab or office; and feature custom forms/ templates to assist wit accurate data collection.