About CloudVue

CloudVue was originally made for large scale, government-level document storage and collaboration, to fill a need in the market for a dependable, simple software – at a reasonable price.

Since 2014, CloudVue has been providing businesses across the Asia-Pacific with the capability for zero paper business operations.

It’s provided valuable control and organisation over our own internal business processes. We know it will for yours too.

Central Data Networks was formed in 1994, to focus on the evolving IT business in the areas of communications/networking and Radiology.

At that time the businesses mainstream activity included, Computer Data, cabling, Computer customization and Communications Products. These activities included some of the first microwave high bandwidth installations in Australia transmitting medical images between large regional areas of Australia.

Since then RIS, PACS and WEB solutions for Radiology and Cardiology have become our major business drivers, as well as CloudVue, our powerful software solution for an array of Industries. We consider ourselves dependable, efficient, and we are willing to go the extra mile for our customer!

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