The CloudVue system is capable of designing and implemented a variety of workflows to optimise your business operations, through effective management of data between departments, partners and clients. Take a look at the solutions we’ve implemented for varying business workflows.

CloudVue can help to manage contract creation from beginning to end. Users are able to upload materials to the platform and this makes the transfer of documents fast and easy. Furthermore the templating system can outline comment and record sections to capture any needed data. The system is fully audited and has permission layers so clients will only be able to see their own files and folders.

View Contract Management Workflow

The CloudVue platform allows for the easy gathering and sharing of documents, spreadsheets and any other file type you could need. It provides a centralised repository for financial services to collaborate with clients, collect information and record documents and receipts. If you need an easy way to organise tax returns or general financial management, CloudVue has the solution for you.

View Tax and Financial Services Workflow

CloudVue’s system can house and manage patient files and documents with ease. As a portal or digital asset management service, it can provide deeper collaboration and communication within Clinical Services. Patients are able to upload medical history documents as well as information regarding current ailments, while administrators and practitioners are able to remotely give advice and materials to their patients. Available from any device, CloudVue offers a powerful solution for business needs and digital integration.

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CloudVue’s powerful repository platform can manage any workflow or file type. This makes it perfect for gathering information and promoting collaboration on areas such as conveyancing. CloudVue allows users to upload and access any file from any device and furthermore the version control system makes sure that all information is recorded and stored. To move your conveyancing business digital, try CloudVue.

View Conveyancing Administration Workflow

CloudVue’s system is able to store and manage any information related to relevant projects, as well as template the workflow. The system is fully audited and all files are version controlled, this allows for confidence in Project and Asset management. Furthermore CloudVue is available from any device and this flexibility allows for remote updates and information availability on the ground. For any project management needs, try CloudVue.

View Project & Asset Management Workflow

The CloudVue platform is able to manage and store any files related to tendering or procurement. Furthermore the system’s detailed templating creates an efficient environment, where documents and information can be shared from any device and location. CloudVue’s version control will make sure that all relevant documents are kept and that the most up to date versions are available.

View Procurement & Tender Management Workflow

Most research is managed digitally today, and CloudVue can help you manage any research project you have with efficiency and confidence. Our version control and templating system can be pre-made to follow any research workflow, allowing the repository to become far more than just a storage area. Our powerful info page feature allows projects to link iframes, videos, input text and records as well as questionnaires. For any research project, go digital, try CloudVue.

View Research Management Workflow

CloudVue is capable of storing and managing any data sets that may be necessary to business functions, these include but are not limited to resource data, asset data or manufacturing data. Our powerful templating function allows you to set the workflow and our range of features including file version control, will give you confidence in your ability to manage data on the go. Try CloudVue today.

View Industrial Data Set Management Workflow

CloudVue provides a centralised location to manage all the administrative functions of your team. From player documents and files, to coaching documents and training sessions, CloudVue has the capability to handle any team’s needs. CloudVue’s SEO integrated asset management makes management of media simple and features such as news and custom pages can create deeper connectivity and collaboration within your team. Try CloudVue today.

View Sports Team Management Workflow

CloudVue is able to house and manage any file type, as well as provide detailed template workflows. This makes the system perfectly capable for operating e-learning systems. Different learning packages can be set up via the template system and quizzes and assessments can be uploaded and shared to the teachers/advisors. Furthermore file version control and a full system audit leave administrators in control. Try CloudVue as an eLearning platform today.

View eLearning System Workflow

CloudVue is able to manage and store any file type, as well as provide detailed template workflows. As an eLibrary system CloudVue is able to store and manage more than just eBooks. It can manage any file type or data. This makes it perfect to house, display and manage any library of works and provide access to it from any device. If you want a flexible approach to your digital library management, try Cloudvue.

View eLibrary System Workflow

CloudVue’s templating function allows pre-made workflows to operate in and optimise the system. For Peer-Review, premade templates will organise your work flow, while the Cloudvue Platform takes care of the rest. With version control for any file type, external sharing, internal notification, commenting and a full system audit, any project is easily collaborative. Furthermore, Cloudvue is accessible from any location, allowing users to peer-review each other’s work on the go. For an optimised Peer-Review Platform, try Cloudvue.

View Peer-Review System Workflow

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