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Who is CDN?

CDN is an Australian Company founded in 1994 in Wollongong with solid Radiology and Communications knowledge which has been applied to networks ever since. Our teams of engineers [software, and support] deliver what the customer expects – cost effectively, highest quality and state of the art Cloud products for our clients. These are referred to as “SaaS” (Software as a Service) which run on the Internet to serve your Business needs.

SaaS is a distribution model in which licensed software applications and associated data are hosted in the cloud by CDN. We make these available to clients and users via a network – typically the Internet. The SaaS delivery model works well for key business applications, such as customer relationship management (CRM), Learning Management Systems (LMS), Content Management Systems (CMS), etc.

Industries and businesses that will benefit from going with SaaS to name a few are:
• RTO (Registered Training Organisations) where all multimedia & LMS solutions requirements are provided.
• Sporting Clubs & Associations, Agents, etc.
• Sporting Medical & Physiotherapy service providers
• Law firms looking for a paperless environment
• Educational Institutions requiring flexible digital examination systems
• Professional boards and committee’s looking for an easy secure access collaborative dossier.

Any small or large business that wants to edit and manage their own multimedia web sites with various privileged access for different user groups.

Also, our company has a team of 30 people who focus on the development of software and the support of our Australian & International customers. This local resource capability within CDN is significantly larger than the combined local dedicated eHealth resources of the three largest major international competing companies.