What is CloudVue?

At CDN we have experts in data management. Using this expertise CloudVue Solutions emerged. CloudVue’s data management platform is Australian owned and operated, keeping your sensitive data safe and in country.

CloudVue is set apart by it’s management features. These include:

File Storage and Management

CloudVue’s Solutions allow for version control of all file types. This means any type of document or media can be quality controlled, including administration, marketing of media production.


CloudVue’s Solutions allow for files and folder structures to be shared to other users externally via email. This allows for a greater depth of sharing and collaboration.


CloudVue Solutions integrate search engine optimisation into the platform with the use of tags. This allows for the adding and searching of descriptive factors, apart from the file’s name.

Workflow, Audits and Templates

Another feature that sets apart CloudVue Solutions are it’s options regarding workflows, templating and auditing capabilities. Templates allows for workflows to be created and uses with a simple click and can include files, folder structures, records and questions and more. Furthermore, the powerful audit function gives administrators access to information about all the platform’s activities.

Security and Permissions

The in depth permissions system enables no only multiple workflows and departments but complex security and access arrangements too. Confidential information can be accessible by only certain users within the system and well as whole sections and folder structures. Furthermore while some solutions take ownership of your data CloudVue Solutions do not. CloudVue is able to keep your data in Australia and kept under Australian laws.

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