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CloudVue™ was released in 2014 as a sub product of our CRD™ software. The difference between CloudVue™ and CRD™ is simply the fact that it caters for SME (Small Medium Enterprise) Businesses and also consumers, whereas CRD™ is purely an Enterprise product (100+ users) specific to larger platforms for users greater than 100 users to literally millions of users.

CloudVue™ has a proven place in industries such as:

  • Real Estate & Strata Management
  • Education
  • Safety & Training
  • Automotive
  • Law
  • Medical 
  • Sports Management
  • Corporate Governance 
  • Associations & Community Groups

Benefits of CloudVue™ to the Workflow for users are as follows:

  • CloudVue™ is a simple to use common sense approach to a centralised archival system allowing all levels of user activity to access a virtual filing cabinet. Companies have difficulty collecting with ease either company I.P. (intellectual property), company policies, procedures, forms and general documents including contracts, HR docs, QA & QC management systems.
  • CloudVue™ is ideal for individual record keeping and is very important in sporting terms for the collation of HP & M (High Performance and Medical) results. Customised surveys can be collated during the HP process to help with injury prevention and player management.
  • Insurances and the centralisation and ease to documentation including forms, reports both incident and medical, scans and virtually all related content including video footage can be kept on a case by case basis or part of the players individual CloudVue™ file.
  • Improved easy to use workflow with common sense approach to Customer Relationship Management. A good example of this is the CloudVue™ sponsor relationship management system. It allows a collaboration between the club/organisation and the sponsor where centralised documents such as contracts, proof of obligations e.g. photographical evidence of match day activity, signage, media coverage etc. Media coverage is a good KPI to prove to the sponsor that the relationship yielded good branding for the sponsor. The sponsor could see at login all evidence of online or offline content where their brand was made reference either graphically or literary. The sponsor can also log in to their Module and can alert you to their marketing campaigns that can be shared with Club members or in newsletter content.
  • Marketing strategies and any strategy for that matter can be collated in a module and shared with the responsible members. It is always a struggle to locate documentation from previous campaigns or historical data but with CloudVue™ this is a succession plan for new employees looking to cover the tracks or success/failure of previous campaigns in one central point.
  • Massive time savings associated with an advanced way of collaboration that is uniquely provided by CDN with World leading applications.
  • Whilst CloudVue™ is an Enterprise level software designed to have millions of users interacting with it at any given time we are flexible to mainstream specific requests for templates, forms and reporting to suit. Part of our proposal includes development time for you and your business to work with CDN for specific solution requests.
  • CloudVue™ also is ideal for a central hub for Events, Clinics or Holiday Academies and a good way to enhance your relationship with your members especially ones looking for feedback or communication.
  • CloudVue™ for the residential user is ideal to keep track on all your household needs. Central archive for all of your billing. Never lose or misplace a bill again. Utilise our online budget planners and get your house in order. For a small fee your consumer account will activate a minimum of two users and get your household collaborating to your way to an organised home now.

CloudVue™ is like no other product – Here is why:

  1. Embed Video or YouTube
  2. Upload Video
  3. Upload PDF’s
  4. Upload or Paste Images
  5. Upload Word, Excel or similar documents with ease.
  6. Upload Audio
  7. Add plain text
  8. Add LORN and SCORM files
  9. IFrame a url or website
  10. Create interactive Quizzes

CloudVue ™ SME

CRD ™ Enterprise



Includes Minimum 10 Users license up to a Maximum of 99 Users

Minimum 100 Users license up to unlimited maximum of users

Minimum Included Data Storage

80GB Cloud Storage + 20GB p.a. after 12 months

Minimum Included Data Storage

200GB Cloud Storage + 60GB p.a. after 12 months

Minimum 12 Months

Minimum 24 Months

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